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Essam Radwan is the Interim Chair, Department of Civil, Environmental, and Construction Engineering in the College ofEngineering and Computer Science at the University of Central Florida (UCF). He also serves as the Executive Director of theCenter for Advanced Transportation Systems Simulation (CATSS). Prior to this assignment he served as the college the AssociateDean for Research and Administration. He received a BS degree in Civil Engineering with honors from Cairo University, Egypt andan MS and a Ph.D. degrees from Purdue University. In 1978, he started his teaching career at Virginia Tech where he was tenuredand promoted to Associate Professor then he moved to Arizona State University in 1984 and was promoted to full professor in1990. Through a national search he was recruited to UCF to chair the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering and heremained in that position till 2003. In 1998 he was appointed to be the founding Director of the federally established transportationcenter (CATSS).Professor Radwan research interest is traffic characteristics and traffic signal control of freeway and street intersections.Included in this area are theoretical and applied models, discrete event simulation models, and large-scale databases developed todescribe traffic behavior. He was instrumental in bridging the gap between human factors researchers, computer engineers, andtransportation engineers. The “Human Centered Transportation Simulation Program” that he created under CATSS auspices has beenviewed as a unique and one of the leading programs in the US. He directed and co-directed close to 55 research projects totaling wellover $11 million in external funded research projects. Through research and graduate advising he published more than two hundredand fifty (250) technical papers and reports and his work has been extensively cited by his peers in the US and around the world.Professor Radwan delivered close to hundred presentations at international conferences and professional meetings. He was a keynotespeaker for meetings held in countries like Brazil, China, Qatar, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, New Zealand, Australia, Lebanon,and France.Professor Radwan graduated sixteen (16) Ph.D. students, twenty eight (28) master degree students. His past students areemployed by academic institutions, consulting firms, and public agencies in different states like Florida, Virginia, Louisiana,Colorado, Massachusetts, and Tennessee and overseas countries like Brazil, Egypt, and United Arab Emirates.One of his major accomplishments is building the real time simulation laboratory that involved researchers at UCF fromelectrical and computer engineering, civil and environmental engineering, industrial engineering, psychology and human factors, andInstitute for Simulation and Training. The dual-cab motion base driving simulator was sponsored by external funded research fromFDOT and Georgia Tech Research Foundation. This program has attracted international experts in this field to visit CATSS labsduring the third Driving Simulators Conference hosted by CATSS and held in Orlando in November 2005.Professor Radwan service to the profession has been extensive. He is a Fellow of the American Society of Civil Engineers andthe Institute of Transportation Engineers and has been an active member with the Transportation Research Board, the FloridaEngineering Society, and the Intelligent Transportation Systems of Florida. He has a long-standing history active service at ASCE asChairman and Member of ASCE’s various Committees, to list a few: he was a member of the Board of Governor of theTransportation & Development from 2001 to 2005, Institute Chairman of the UTD/Executive Committee from 1998 until 1999,Member of the UTD / Executive Committee from 1996 until 2001, Chairman of the Task Committee on Human PoweredTransportation from 1993 until 1994, Chairman of the Task Committee on Design and Operation of Urban Facilities from 1989 until1993, Member of the Microcomputer Applications in Transportation Committee from 1985 until 1989, Member of the PublicationCommittee from 1986 until 1990, Member of the Hazardous Material Transportation Committee from 1988 until 1992, NewsCorrespondent of the Urban Transportation Division from 1988 until 1990, and other services not mentioned here.Professor Radwan received numerous honors and awards including the ASCE “Frank Masters Award”, the UCF “UniversityExcellence in Professional Service”, the Office of Sponsored Research and Commercialization “UCF Millionaire’s Club Member”designation (UCF faculty who attracted outside research funding exceeding $1 Million) for three consecutive years, the FloridaEngineering Society “Outstanding Technical Achievement Award”, the UCF “Distinguished Research of the Year Award”, and theUCF “Faculty Excellence in Mentoring Doctoral Students” award.